What Courses Should I Take?

Before deciding which courses you should take at MVC, it is important to know which of the courses you took for your bachelors degree (and/or masters degree) will count toward satisfying the education requirements for CPA exam eligibility.


Step 1. Know the Rules

Passing the CPA exam is a difficult process that begins by learning the complicated rules of exam eligibility. Click on the following links to read the rules regarding the education requirements that you must satisfy to be eligible to take the CPA exam in Texas.

Educational Institutions


150 Hours

Foreign Degrees

Accounting Courses

Business Courses

Ethics Courses

Step 2. TSBPA's Application of Intent

Only the TSBPA has the authority to officially rule on which of your prior courses will count toward CPA exam eligibility. For an official evaluation you must complete and submit an "Application of Intent" to the TSBPA.

Step 3. TSBPA's Evaluation

Once the TSBPA has reviewed your "Application of Intent" and your transcripts they will send you an official evaluation letter. It will list which of the education requirements you have completed and which of the requirements you need to complete to become CPA exam eligible. Use this evaluation as a guide to choose which courses to take.

Step 4. Create a Course Plan

Once you know which CPA exam eligibility requirements have not been fulfilled, you can choose courses from our list of TSBPA approved courses to fulfill those requirements. Avoid taking any courses that are the same or similar to your prior completed courses because the TSBPA will not give credit twice for the same course. Your evaluation letter will include a TSBPA contact person who can answer any questions you may have about determining which courses at MVC would be considered repeats by the TSBPA