• Craig Black, MAcc, JD, CPA

How do I apply to the Dallas College Mountain View Campus CPA Program?

Step 1: Complete a Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline – If you do not have a bachelor’s degree then you are not eligible for the DCMVC CPA Program. Any TSBPA approved courses taken at DCMVC before you complete a bachelor’s degree will not count toward CPA Exam Eligibility. The exception to this rule is that any economics or statistics courses completed at DCMVC (or any other accredited college or university) before completing a bachelor’s degree will count toward the 24 hour business course requirement. If you are in the final semester of your bachelor’s degree you are not eligible because you have not completed a bachelor’s degree.

Step 2: Apply – You must complete the same application that all students complete to be admitted to Dallas College. You are not required to complete any additional or special application procedures beyond the normal student application.​

Dallas College Application

Step 3: Transcripts – Send Dallas College Official Copies of Transcripts from all colleges and universities you have attended.

Deadlines: there are no application deadlines. Applications are accepted year round and you may register for classes once you have been admitted to the college. The registration period ends shortly before each semester begins. However, most classes will reach maximum capacity soon after the registration period begins. So if you are accepted between May and October you will likely not find any available classes until the following Spring Semester. If you are accepted between November and April you will likely not find any available classes until the following Summer or Fall Semesters.

Accounting Department Approval is no longer required. Disregard any references to department approval from any other website or from any MVC employee.