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Schedule of TSBPA Approved Courses: Summer 2020, Fall 2020, (if you don't see any classes click "Show All Classes")

Go to Blackboard/eCampus before the semester begins for a copy of the syllabus, book info and to begin taking your online course.

What if all courses for the upcoming semester are full? - The courses in the MVC CPA Program are in high demand and will usually reach the maximum number of allowed students soon after registration begins.


1. No additional students can be added to a course that has reached maximum student capacity.

2. Do not contact a course instructor or staff member asking to be added to a course that has reached maximum student capacity. 

3. No additional courses or sections will be added after registration begins.

4. There is not a wait list nor is there a notification process for when a current student drops, opening a spot for another student.

5. It is rare but sometimes a student will drop before the semester begins so regularly checking the registration system is the only way to discover new registration opportunities.